Compleat Modular Lunchbox review

Compleat Modular Lunchbox review

Hello, readers! We are always more than happy when customers write reviews about our products. Recently one of our dear customers surprised us with the following very thorough review of one of our products – Compleat Modular Lunchbox

For over a year I’ve suffered through the agony of watching my partner stuff his sandwiches in oversized and overused food boxes. He would have to restrain them from wandering about with chains of napkins and yet at times he would find bread on a side and the filling scattered all around. After a while he just gave up and found a decent canteen where to eat – not the cheapest, healthiest or most convenient solution.
In the meanwhile I never abandoned the idea of buying him a proper lunch box so I filled my Pinterest boards with the cutest bento boxes covered in pandas and cat-eared schoolgirls – which of course he would have never used – or heavy military-like lunch sets including army knives and metal shot glasses. I googled for practical bags with compartments, but I could never be convinced: one was too small, the other had no compartments at all, another a fancy design but impractical size and shape. Finally I stumbled on the Compleat Modular lunchbox and my first impression was of a functional neat thingy, but maybe a bit too much for our needs – not to mention that I had to rethink my budget.
I admit it has taken me some time to make up my mind and win the negotiation with my wallet, but in the end I did, I ordered the Compleat Modular lunch box. And so far, it’s been worth the price.
For starters, I love the design!
The Compleat Modular lunchbox is a combo consisting of 4 boxes: if you’re carrying a small portion and you don’t want to waste precious space, the bigger box will perfectly accommodate the smaller. But if you want a full meal and maybe some snacks too you can easily pile the boxes up, the smaller sticking onto the slot on the lid of the bigger. The black strap will nicely wrap around the boxes and keep them together. It’s surely the most comfortable and practical setting I have come across.
Dimensions are satisfying: the first time I held the boxes in my hands I thought they looked smaller for the kind of meals I meant to pack in them. As soon as I scooped the buckwheat  salad in one of the small boxes I noticed there was enough room for way more than only one portion. All in all, at times I have a difficult time in filling up the biggest box!
Materials are proven to be of good quality. The solid plastic might not be completely unbreakable – I haven’t tested it to its limits yet, but easily endures all the stress and hits of a regular work commute. I have been using Compleat Modular for some months now and the seals are holding perfectly.
I have been concerned about the color – I have learned that white plastic can be easily stained by oil or tomato sauce. But I have had quite a nice surprise: after some months of use all of the boxes are still perfectly white and the plastic didn’t hold odors from any of the sandwiches or salad I packed in them.
Any drawbacks? Initially I would have said the price. Truthfully the Compleat Modular lunchbox doesn’t have the lowest price on the market – that is because quality doesn’t come cheap. Nevertheless what I got for the price was a solid, durable, practical and nice looking product.
Would I buy it again, if I could go back in time? Definitely yes.

We were so happy with such pleasant surprise that we sent her as gratitute another very useful product – Compleat EnergyBooster.

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