5 healthy breakfast ideas for every need

5 healthy breakfast ideas for every need

How many of us skip breakfast once in a while, if not too often? And how many just grab the first hypercaloric leftover or ready-meal found in the fridge? Neither or these habits will help you lose weight or feel more energetic: the trick is to eat just the right amount of nutrients. But don’t worry: a healthy breakfast doesn’t have to be a boring, tasteless breakfast! There is plenty of options for every taste and here you can find some example. Try out our recipes or make your own to start the day with the right foot!

1. Overnight Oatmeal – For those who are always in a rush

That of the “overnight oatmeal” is the latest trend in the field of clean-eating and it sure is the best way to go if you don’t have enought time in the morning to cook yourself a full meal. It’s incredibly easy and fast to prepare and  there are thousands of variations you can try.
The basics are: fill half a cup with milk or yogurt (or both!), add a spoon of raw oat and let it soak overnight in the fridge. If you’re lactose intolerant or you are not a big fan of cow milk, feel free to use any kind of sobstitute you like: soy, almond, rice, hazelnut… they’re all delicious. What else can you add? Let’s see:
One or two tablespoons of fresh fruit: pears, apples, bananas, berries… you can pick one or a mix of those you prefer. Cut your fruit in cubes, put it aside and add it to the cup right before eating.
Half teaspoon of seeds: amaranth, chia, flax and sunflower seeds are the most popular choices.
A teaspoon of dried fruits: crush them in small pieces and add them to the cup at night if you like them to be well soaked, in the morning if you prefer them crunchy.
A pinch of extra flavour: a bit of honey or peanut butter, a pinch of cinnamom or ground ginger, pumpkin spice or vanilla flavour, just make your pick!
If you are in such a hurry that you don’t have time to eat at home, make your oatmeal in a jar with a secured lid or in a travel mug and carry it with you. Just don’t forget to eat!

2. Poached Eggs – For those who enjoy a large meal

A good breakfast needs its share of proteins, but better avoid to pack it with fat: no to full fat bacon, butter and fried eggs. If boiled eggs are not your thing, you might like them poached: boil two glasses of water into a small pot, crack the egg open in a cup (or in the boiling water, if you feel very confident in your egg-cracking abilities) and pour it into the water. Let it boil until the white is solid and the yolk begins to harden, then strain it with a  perforated spoon.
A full meal can include one or two poached eggs, one or two slices of wholegrain bread, a handful of cherry tomatoes and freshly squeezed orange juice. You will have a full load of energy to keep you satistied until lunch and you won’t have overloaded with fat your digestive trait. The wholegrain bread will provide a good amount of healthy fibers.

3. Honey, milk and fruit – For those who have a sweet tooth

But what if you like a nice, big slice of cake in the morning? Eggs and bread won’t taste just as good to you, but fear not! You can replace refined sugars and trans fat with better options without loosing that sweet flavour you love. Grab a tablespoon of biological, possibily unfiltrated and unrefined honey, spread it on one or two slices of rye bread and make yourself a smoothie: banana, almond milk and a pinch of ground cinnamom is an option, but orange, vanilla and soy yogurt is delicious too. And don’t forget mixed berry with ginger, honey and rice milk! Create your own or find recipes online: there are endless combination of healthy deliciousness.

4. Yogurt and orange juice – For those who don’t really want to eat much

Not everybody wakes up with a craving for food. If you feel you couldn’t chew a single corn flake, probably a cup of yogurt would suit you better. Add a teaspoon of popped amaranth seeds for a bit of texture – don’t worry, they are small enough to go unnoticed, but they will the give extra carbs and proteins you need to start the day. Squeeze the juice of a couple of oranges for a load of vitamin A and C and there you go: you have some nutritious food in your stomach. Remember that skipping breakfast will make you want to overeat at lunch and feast on high fat foods… and if you’re watching your waistline or just taking good care of your health, you surely want to avoid that.

5. Pancakes – For those who want an energy-packed breakfast

You feel like eating something salty, possibly some meat, but you can’t stand eggs and bacon? Give pancakes a try. If you want to save time in the morning, prepare your pancake batter the night before and leave in the fridge. Pancakes don’t seem very healthy, do they? Try replacing your regoular white flour with whole-wheat flour and full fat milk with low fat or unsweetened soy milk. Whisk your flour, milk and egg in a bowl, cook your pancakes and fill one low fat ham, another with cottage cheese and low sugar jam. A delicous, stuffing meal fit for those who don’t need to lose weight but want to stay healthy.

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