The Best Garlic Press (Review of Dreamfarm’s Garject)

The Best Garlic Press (Review of Dreamfarm’s Garject)

Garlic is good and protects against everything from colds to vampires, and one can guess that almost every home has a garlic press. You can also guess that the garlic presses are rarely used because garlic presses are the utensils that are hardest to clean.


With Garject garlic press you get a simple, old-fashioned, two-handled garlic press with a Peel Eject button attached to a scraper that sweeps the peel away, keeping you from having to go in with your fingers to dig it out, like you have to do with a regular garlic press.

The Garject is made of chrome-plated die-cast zinc, with a nylon plastic crush pad and peel ejector and scraper in two color options (Fire Truck red or Charcoal black). It looks a bit sleeker than ordinary presses, but otherwise has similar outlines.

It feels sturdy and has a nice weight, plus it’s easy to use. You can cram a few cloves in there, and it only takes seconds to press them into a fine, uniform paste. The length of the Garject’s arms makes pressing easy, and since the arms are rounded, if you need to apply extra pressure they won’t dig into your hands. Even if the peel scraper is out of position when you squeeze, the Garject is designed so the scraper won’t get caught on the eject button, but instead slide right over it. And not having to dig into the reservoir to get the peels out does feel pretty awesome.

I found that the eject feature works best when you’ve crammed at least two medium cloves into the Garject. The peel from a single clove can sneak under the eject piece.

In summary, now I have a garlic press, which is easy to use and can be simply rinsed off. I also have fingers that do not smell of garlic, and a few extra minutes at your disposal for something that’s more fun than doing the dishes. It’s just wonderful.

You can order your Garject here:

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